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XScreenSaver is a large screen saver collection shipped on most Linux and Unix systems running the X11 Window System. The first version was released in 1992. Ported to macOS in 2006, to iOS in 2012, and to Android in 2014.

On X11 systems, XScreenSaver is two things: it is both a large collection of screen savers; and it is also the framework for blanking and locking the screen.

On macOS systems, these screen savers work with the usual macOS screen saving framework (X11 is not required).

On iOS devices, it is an application that lets you run each of the demo modes manually.

On Android, the savers work as both screen savers and as live wallpapers.

XScreenSaver celebrated its thirtieth anniversary in 2022!

This huge list includes the following screensavers: Abstractile, Anemone, Anemotaxis, Ant Inspect, Ant Maze, Ant Spotlight, Apollonian, Apple ][, Atlantis, Attraction, Atunnel, Barcode, Beats, Binary Horizon, Binary Ring, Blaster, Blink Box, Blit Spin, Block Tube, Boing, Bouboule, Bouncing Cow, Boxed, Box Fit, Braid, BSOD, Bubble 3D, Bumps, Cage, Carousel, C Curve, Celtic, Chompy Tower, Circuit, City Flow, Cloud Life, Companion Cube, Compass, Coral, COVID19, Crackberg, Crumbler, Crystal, Cube 21, Cubenetic, Cube Stack, Cube Storm, Cube Twist, Cubic Grid, C Waves, Cynosure, Danger Ball, Decay Screen, Deco, Deep Star, Deluxe, Demon, Discoball, Discrete, Distort, Drift, Dymaxion Map, Endgame, Energy Stream, Engine, Epicycle, Eruption, Esper, Etruscan Venus, Euler 2D, Extrusion, Fade Plot, Fiber Lamp, Film Leader, Fireworkx, Flame, Flip Flop, Flip Screen 3D, Flip Text, Flow, Fluid Balls, Flurry, Flying Toasters, Font Glide, Fuzzy Flakes, Galaxy, Gears, Geodesic, Geodesic Gears, GFlux, Gibson, GL Blur, GL Cells, Gleidescope, GL Hanoi, GlitchPEG, GL Knots, GL Matrix, GL Planet, GL School, GL Slideshow, GL Snake, GL Text, Goop, Grav, Gravity Well, Greynetic, Halftone, Halo, Handsy, Headroom, Helix, Hexadrop, Hex Strut, Hex Trail, Hilbert, Hopalong, Hydrostat, Hypertorus, Hypnowheel, IFS, IMS Map, Interaggregate, Interference, Intermomentary, Jiggly Puff, Jigsaw, Juggler 3D, Julia, Kaleidescope, Kaleidocycle, Klein, Kumppa, Lament, Lavalite, Lockward, Loop, m6502, Map Scroller, Marbling, Maze, Maze 3D, Mem Scroller, Menger, Meta Balls, Mirror Blob, Möbius, Möbius Gears, Moiré, Moiré 2, Molecule, Morph 3D, Mountain, Munch, Nakagin, Nerve Rot, Noof, Nose Guy, Pac-Man, Pedal, Peepers, Penetrate, Penrose, Petri, Phosphor, Photo Pile, Piecewise, Pinion, Pipes, Polyhedra, Polyominoes, Polytopes, Pong, Pop Squares, Projective Plane, Providence, Pulsar, Pyro, Qix, Quasi-Crystal, Queens, Raver Hoop, Razzle Dazzle, RD-Bomb, Ripples, Rocks, Roman Boy, Rorschach, Rot Zoomer, Rubik, Rubik Blocks, SBalls, Scooter, Shade Bobs, Sierpinski, Sierpinski 3D, Sky Tentacles, Slide Screen, Slip, Sonar, Speed Mine, Sphere Eversion, Spheremonics, Split-Flap, Splodesic, Spotlight, Sproingies, Squiral, Squirtorus, Stairs, Starfish, Star Wars, Stoner View, Strange, Substrate, Superquadrics, Surfaces, Swirl, Tangram, Tessellimage, Thornbird, Time Tunnel, Top Block, Triangle, Tron Bit, Truchet, Twang, Unicrud, Unknown Pleasures, Vermiculate, VFeedback, Vid Whacker, Vigilance, Voronoi, Wander, Web Collage, Whirlwind Warp, Windup Robot, Wormhole, XAnalogTV, XFlame, XJack, XLyap, XMatrix, XRaySwarm, XSpirograph, Zoom.

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Downloads: 4
License: Free
Publisher: Jamie Zawinski
Date Uploaded: 03.10.2023 8:14:18 PM
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